Faith_Kakulu HS

Creative executive & story consultant keen on the commercial & high concept. Former GERSH junior MP Lit agent.

An immigrant child experience, world-class education & first born lens fuel Faith’s passion for moving pictures in a global narrative. She’s made a home of four continents, two coasts & seven cities; is fanatical about film and marketing; wears many hats & succeeds at all.

Faith enjoys watching movies; she LOVES making them even more. Be it  pitching, developing, selling a project or figuring film career moves, Faith advances your vision. Her consult will get you through the door, land a job or get a project sold.


  • Developed client script chosen as 2013 American Black Film Festival/ UP TV Faith & Family Screenplay Competition Finalist.
  • Developed client script chosen as 2012 Blue Cat Screenplay Competition finalist.
  • Developed client script acquired by UP TV (formerly GMC) for original film programming, Trinity Goodheart (2010).
  • Launched Story Department at GERSH Beverly Hills. (2009).
  • Found & developed new writers (a 2009 Nicholls Fellow, a 2008 Disney Fellow, and 2007 FIND Fellow) while at GERSH.
  • Winner, Best Narrative Short, NY Reel Film Festival 2009.
  • Recipient, Most Original Voice Award, Roxbury International Film Festival 2007.

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